Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Crash Coordinates

"Hey I'm Chris from Crash Coordinates. We wrote you a song. Hope you like it :)"

 PureVolume Page
Genre: Pop/Rock/Trance

Definitely a happier feel with this first track. I think it's suppose to be a love song of sorts? Yeah, definitely. I also think that's the song he's talking about in the message I was sent. It's called "Falling For You." Anyway, enough random blurbs. I'll finish listening.

Okay. They have a really great sound. I'm really digging this. Their sound isn't too soft or too heavy. It's just right. I definitely think "Beyond These Atlantic Tides." It's probably more on the edgy spectrum of their music, at least of what they posted on PureVolume.

I am totally becoming a fan. They're legit.

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