Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sounds Like Words

"Hey were Sounds Like Words please check out our page and our single "A Toast" and become a fan and spread the word!!! thankyou, John Aaron Monday "

Purevolume Page
Genre: Electronica/Indie/Experimental

I like this. I really like this. They do have that electronica sound that makes me think of M83. Probably a better comparison for Sounds Like Words would be The Bravery or The Faint. They do have a more pop sound than the two. The last song on their page, "Saturday Night," sounds like it's been influenced by Shiny Toy Guns (from the album "Poison"). At least, that's the vibe I've got. It's at times a more dance sort of thing. But they also have this really intense feel to their tracks. It's angry. But in a good way.

The lead singer has more of a yelling think going on, as opposed to singing (think Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols but toned down a bit). This is most prevalent in the verses and in the song "Rock Your Body."

My only problem is that the singing is almost overpowered by the rest of the band. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I am someone who likes to closely listen to the lyrics. It's not the fault of the band itself, though. More likely just the mixing.

Am I becoming a fan? Hell yes.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Crash Coordinates

"Hey I'm Chris from Crash Coordinates. We wrote you a song. Hope you like it :)"

 PureVolume Page
Genre: Pop/Rock/Trance

Definitely a happier feel with this first track. I think it's suppose to be a love song of sorts? Yeah, definitely. I also think that's the song he's talking about in the message I was sent. It's called "Falling For You." Anyway, enough random blurbs. I'll finish listening.

Okay. They have a really great sound. I'm really digging this. Their sound isn't too soft or too heavy. It's just right. I definitely think "Beyond These Atlantic Tides." It's probably more on the edgy spectrum of their music, at least of what they posted on PureVolume.

I am totally becoming a fan. They're legit.


"we're SHOCK! check us out and if u like us be a fan! rock with us! \m/ "
"heey! we're SHOCK! check us out and if u like us be a fan! cuz theres no rock like SHOCK! ROCK! ;) "

PureVolume Page
Genre: Pop/Rock/Metal

I'm typing as I'm listening. It immediately reminds me of the Used and From First to Last (when Sonny Moore was the lead singer). Oh! We got a little screamo in here! I'm getting some dark vibes here. Not necessarily a bad thing. I'm on the second song on their page right now, called  "I wanna." The lyrics definitely make me think there's not much older than me. I think at this point, they have a lot of room for improvement. They only have three tracks on there (the fourth one is just a live version) but it's all in all average. Like I said, there's room for improvement. They're not the best at their instruments, and the singing can use a bit of work as well, but they're not bad.

I don't think I'll become a fan. There's a lot better out there. I may become a fan in the future, but not right now.

My Musical Tastes

Music is an art. And art is relative. For instance, I absolutely hate 3OH!3. But they have a ton of fans. Double goes for Millionaires. They are absolutely horrid. So if you're going to be reading this blog, it might help to know what kind of music I'm into.
Basically, I like everything. I like some classical, some classic rock, some techno, some alt. hip hop. Mostly what I'm into is alt. rock and indie. I live near DC and, if I may say so, we have the best local scene.

I'm also one of those kids that goes to Warped Tour all the time. This year will be my second time there.

Most of what I cover will probably be alt. rock or indie since that's usually who messages me.